The goal of the NSF-funded literature database project is to develop a comprehensive repository of recently published (2005 and later) scholarly articles that advance the empirical and theoretical knowledge around broadening participation in undergraduate computing (BPC) in the United States. The articles in this database approach broadening participation in computing from a variety of epistemological and methodological orientations as well as with different goals and objectives, including but not limited to implementing and evaluating BPC interventions and theorizing around broader social forces that cause longstanding inequalities in computing. Accordingly, a wide array of conclusions and recommendations for broadening participation in computing are advanced by the literature that will be included in the matrix. By organizing and synthesizing BPC literature, the project aims to support researchers and practitioners to identify relevant, peer-reviewed scholarship and assess its quality and applicability to their work.

Building on methods commonly used in systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses of literature, the articles included in the literature database are being collected via a rigorous process developed in collaboration with computing education experts, data scientists, and librarians. This four-phase process began with the refinement of search terms, data bases, and the final categories to be included in the finished database. In Summer 2020 the search phase will commence during which we will collect articles on broadening participation from 17 unique article databases. The third phase will involve the review and screening of all collected literature to ensure every piece fits the pre-established parameters for inclusion. Next, using a unique natural language processing tool developed especially for this project, each article will be analyzed and metadata for each database category (e.g. title, abstract, sample size) will be extracted. Once a final database is built housing organized information for all included articles, it will be provided to our partners at the Computing Research Association and National Center for Women in Technology to be integrated into the resources available on

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